Friday, 26 December 2014

 Scout & Guide Training (State Level)

 Scout & Guide Training (State Level) Pl. submit the Class-wise and Gen/SC/ST/SC-BPL wise IT Students Data before 25th Dec. 2014.  (Urgent matter)

 Regarding Cabinet Desion for making compulsory "Collection of Rain Water"

Letter-  Regarding Class wise Result of 10th & 12th Classes

Regarding construction of Toilets in Schools.

 Scout & Guide Training (State Level)Information related to ICT performance of Teachers is still awaited for first as well as second term exams(For winter closing schools). Send it before 4th Dec. positively. Check your email for the Performa.

 Scout & Guide Training (State Level) 

 Scout & Guide Training (State Level)

Information related to ICT performance of Tecahers is still awaited. Send it before 24th Nov positively. Check your email for the Performa.

Pl. send a copy of information in Excel Sheet to"",,and ""

 Scout & Guide Training (State Level)Regarding submission of GPF Nominations (Letter)

 Scout & Guide Training (State Level)Regarding Jamna Lal Bajaj Award

Information related to Performance of Teachers (ICT Schools) is still awaited for the First and Second Term Exam 9th and 10 classes.

Name of ICT School:
Class    Subject       Teacher's name     Total students in class        Students with  Grade
                                                                                                            A      B    C      D      E        

Send the above  information through email (Soft copy excel format and Scaned signed copy) by 20th Nov. 2014.

 Scout & Guide Training (State Level)Most Urgent
For all the Principals/Headmasters GSSS/GHS & Private Managed School.

 Scout & Guide Training (State Level)
 Scout & Guide Training (State Level)

 Scout & Guide Training (State Level)

All the Principals/Headmasters GSSS/GHS/Private Managed Schools are directed to place these instructions on a very prominent place in your School for information of all concerned.
All the students as well as teachers may also be made aware about these instructions every day during morning assembly in the School.