Deputy Director



Sh. Ramesh Chand Chauhan, Dy Director Higher Education
(MA Pol Sc, Hindi & English)
Contact No.-9418163421


SH Ram Nath Sharma did his matriculation from GSSS Jahalman, Distt.-Lahoul Sapiti. He did his graduation (BA) from Govt. College Kullu.Then after he joined DAV college of Education , Hoshiyarpur for B.Ed.
Commissioned in 1977 he joined the Deptt. of Education in 1977 at GMS Mehndubag, Distt.-Sirmour as TGT Arts.He got promoted to the post of Head Master in June 1997  and joined office at GHS Hansa,Lahoul and Sapiti.He further got promoted to the post of Principal in June 2007 and joined at GSSS Jalugran , Distt.-Kullu.He joined Office of DDHE , Sirmour as DDHE in 2010.
He served GSSS Kolang,GSSS Tindi,GSSS Jalama,GSSS Shiya,GHS Shirad as TGT Arts,GHS Manglore as Head Master, GSSS Sainj as Principal.
Employee Code :12984
Contact No.-09805053675


  1. Sir,
    I Would like to bring to your attention a problem which is reducing the efficiency of our educational infrastructure.the problem is that by virtue of being regular employees highly ineligible and therefore mostly inefficient people like PTI's, DRAWING MASTERS, DP'S, MUSIC TEACHERS are in charge of vital positions like principals, headmasters in various education blocks specially most backward ones which are already in urgent need of proper staff, which is reducing the efficiency of this department and of those concerned schools which fall under them,either these people should be properly trained or changed immediately with new requisite appointments.though you may be aware of the problem but i have seen the worst impact of this in my own vicinity hence requesting you to act at the earliest, the actions of these deputed officials must be properly scrutinised to keep at bay any unforeseen discrepancies and maintain day to day efficiency in the working of these institutions.

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